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Who we are


23 yrs in pursuit of sourcing and delivering the finest Gemstones to the most discerning International Gemstone Clientele. From the most dynamic Jewelers to the most specific collector. A Graduate Gemologist from the Gemological Institute of America and descending as a fifth Generation Gem Dealer, Aly brings a unique value of historical passion and experience combined with an academic understanding of Gemology for clients who are looking for the best Investment in Gemstones for their particular needs.  With years of trading in the International markets, Aly's network of Global suppliers are your source to the finest Gemstones on the Planet.

My Parents and founders of the Sapphire Gem Group of Companies. Serving the Global Gemstone Industry from 1963, in the sourcing of fine Precious Gemstones.
Yahiya Farook-
  • 1952-1958: Founding Member of- Bullion Exchange Jewellers , Colombo Sri-Lanka
  • 1958-1963: Director- Oriental  Gem Exchange, Hong Kong
  • 1966-1993: Founder & President- Sapphire Gem House Ltd., Hong Kong
  • 1985-2010: Founder & President- Sapphire Gem Trading Co., Ltd., Tokyo Japan
Farida Farook-
  • 1966-1993: Co Founder/Director- Sapphire Gem House Ltd., Hong Kong
  • 1978-Present: Founder/Chairman- Sapphire Gem Co., Ltd., Colombo Sri-Lanka

  Prince M.U.M. Salie of Galle donated 55 breathtaking jewels 

My Great Grandfather- Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, pioneered the marketing of Ceylon (now Sri-Lanka) & Ceylon Gemstones to North America from 1915. By participating in Expositions & Exhibitions held in North America through the early half of the last Century, heralding in the Century of Progress 


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