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Sapphires reflect all the colors in a rainbow spectrum. In their natural state Sapphires are colorless, however as a host to other elements then subjected to High Pressure & High Temperature within the bowels of the Earth.  The reaction of the foreign element within the host under the right conditions produces the vibrant rich colors that Sapphires are famous for.

50+ct White Sapphire

Blue Sapphire the famous member of the group along with Rubies (Red Sapphire) are legendary from antiquity. From their rich velvet Royal Blue to the soft shades of pastel Sky Blues these marvels of nature are amongst the most sought after Gemstones in the World.
  Blue Sapphire Layout
 Blue Star Sapphire 34+cts

Ruby the royal fire of Sapphires in its shades of Red from pink to orange tones are the most sought after member of the family. The various tones of the dominant Red hue have come to symbolize all the passions of humanity.

Ruby 5+cts
Set with Diamonds in Platinum